Recent Projects:
Upscale Seductions has many active projects still in development, testing, and pre-release phases.
This is the most recent project that our team is about to officially launch. Final preperations and details are being completed. Focused on personal webcam performances, the goal of this website is to create a positive alternative to other traditional webcam websites by providing high quality, themed and non-themed video streams, featuring “high-class” performers at very competitive rates.
This project aims to be a portal website to the two websites outlined below. Based on a Black Light theme, this presents the unique opportunity for people who otherwise are shy or very self-conscious to reveal only what they choose to reveal of themselves in an anonymous, amateur and seductive fashion.
This website will establish an adult community of people (black light aficionados) who are willing to experiment with Black lights as a form of self-expression. As part of this community website is the ability to chat, rate, compete, in a relaxed environment.
The goal of this website is to create a niche adult based website featuring black light photos and videos. This website launch is pending the success of the above two websites.

All affiliates can now benefit from additional bonuses paid out on top of their usual percentage commission!

Everyone has a chance to get a bonus payout and the more sales you can send the higher the payout!

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At Upscale Seductions we respect your privacy. We want to maintain your confidence in our handling of any data and information that is collected.

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