What We Do:
Upscale Seductions specializes in adult related services and products. Our team of dedicated professionals can provide a variety of services to fit your needs and requirements.
  • Create or maintain model websites
  • Website hosting solutions
  • Video & photography
  • Video and photography editing
  • Becoming a Model:
    Whether you are  an experienced model, or somebody who has never modeled before but always wanted to try, or simply want to see what its like, this is the company for you!

    With a variety of websites the type and style of photographs is endless. We specialize in suggestive, seductive, partial and full nudity.
    If you are interested, please send us an email to talent@upscaleseductions.com.
    Becoming An Affiliate:
    Becoming an affiliate is as easy as submitting your email address! Simply enter your email address is the form to the right, click the "OK" button and we will contact you with our current opportunities and payouts!
    We have many new and exciting websites being launched soon, so join now!

    All affiliates can now benefit from additional bonuses paid out on top of their usual percentage commission!

    Everyone has a chance to get a bonus payout and the more sales you can send the higher the payout!

    Please submit your email address below and we will send you more information.

    Email Address:
    At Upscale Seductions we respect your privacy. We want to maintain your confidence in our handling of any data and information that is collected.

    Want to become a model or would like us to help promote your site?

    We offer many different solutions from photography to web hosting to custom tailored websites.  Nothing is too big or small as long as it suites your needs.
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